How can you benefit from our trial lesson ?

The purpose of the trial lesson is to choose the right IB tutor whose teaching style is compatible with your learning needs. The lesson will be based on an exam oriented approach which will make you feel more confident about acing exam questions

  • Firstly, you will be invited to discuss your learning difficulties and challenges with the IB tutor and the specific topic you would like to master
  • All-you-need study notes for that topic will be handed out
  • Our IB tutor will objectively explain difficult concepts that have been confusing you for so long to ensure that they are finally within your grasp
  • You will learn how to solve all IB exam style questions pertaining to that topic
  • Lastly, our IB tutor will check to ensure that you have fully grasped all the concepts for that topic and the accompanying IB exam style questions

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(+852) 94366190