How we will add value to your IA, EE and TOK

We understand that the Internal Assessment or the TOK essay is not an easy nut to crack, requiring detailed exploration with little specific guidance or direction from school teachers. It is not uncommon for a student to find themselves lost midway through their exploration and struggle to change their topic. Don’t be that student. Sign up for consultation with our IA tutors who will help you in the following way.

What to expect during an IA/EE/TOK consultation

  • Assistance in choosing the most suitable idea from a myriad of ideas, which will not only help you get a high mark but also be the perfect match for your area of interest
  • Laying out of a clear direction and clear instructions on the sequence of tasks you will need to do to ensure you meet all the assessment criteria
  • Help with the structure of your IA report according to the general requirements of the IB syllabus as well as the specific requirements from your school
  • In-depth review of your school teacher’s comments in response to your first draft and detailed explanations of how to address them all to improve your mark significantly in the final draft
  • Proofreading of the report to ensure it is free from any linguistic or factual errors that could potentially cost you valuable marks