Pinnaccel™ - First IB Accelerated Program and Tutor in HK

for all major IB subjects (SL/HL)

In addition to enrolling for our regular courses, IB students can now also opt to complete an entire years’s coursework for the following IB subjects in just 6 months with 34% cost savings!

For the first time ever in Hong Kong, there is an education centre that actually values your time and acknowledges the effort spent by the typical IB student in managing their impossible timetable. Pinnacle Education is the only education and IB tutor provider centre in Hong Kong to offer the Accelerated program, which is the perfect choice for those who want to get more done in less time. When you put in the effort to commute all the way to our centre, we want to express our gratitude and what better way to do that than to make you feel like it was the most productive hour of your entire week!

*Note that you do not need to sign up to study an entire year’s coursework under this program! If you would like to focus on a specific unit or units, you can sign up for an appropriate number of lessons in order to complete the desired portion of the coursework.

Pinnaccel Subject

Duration (SL)

Duration (HL)

IB Math Tutor 26 hours 30 hours
IB Physics Tutor 26 hours 30 hours
IB Chem Tutor 27 hours 32 hours
IB Bio Tutor 27 hours 32 hours
IB Econ Tutor 26 hours 30 hours
IB Business Tutor 26 hours 30 hours

Regular IB lesson and Tutor for all subjects


IB Chem Tutor


IB Maths Tutor


IB Physics Tutor

Bio (1)

IB Biology Tutor

Eng (1)

IB English Tutor


IB Economics Tutor

Business (1)

IB Business Tutor


IB History Tutor


IB Psychology Tutor

Chinese (1)

IB Chinese Tutor


IB ESS Tutor


IB Geography Tutor

How do you enhance your knowledge and grade level in each lesson with the help of our IB Tutors in HK?

    1. Our IB tutor in HK will ask you if there is a specific topic that you would like to focus on. This is to make our lessons as student-centered as possible. Our IB tutors in HK will not dictate which topic you should be working on unless of course you direct them to go in a specific order over a series of lessons
    2. The IB tutor in HK will then breakdown all the specific concepts pertaining to that topic in an objective way that will be easy for you to digest and master
    3. This will be complemented with exam style questions for you to ensure that you have indeed grasped the relevant concept. Of course if you are able to solve an exam style question, it means you’re ready for that concept to show up in the final exam!
    4. Towards the end of the lesson, these questions will be reviewed to make sure one last time that you have indeed mastered all relevant concepts
    5. You will find that our IB tutors are really friendly, and will not let you hesitate if you have any question at any time during the lesson