Our Technique

We follow a ‘backward by design’ approach to teaching which is modelled around the IB exam papers in order to ensure that you acquire all the knowledge required for you to achieve that 7 without dwelling too much on the unnecessary details that are not even tested on the exam.

A private study conducted by our joint mathematics panel has concluded that 73% of the curriculum taught in class is tested in 91% of the exam questions! Based on these findings, we were able to develop our very own accelerated program Pinnaccel™. Let us help you focus on that 73% which matters more because your valuable time is of the utmost importance. Similar private studies have been conducted for other subjects as well to determine the more important portion of the syllabus content.

We at Pinnacle Education believe that every student has a unique learning style and pace.  Our teaching methods can afford to exploit the extremely low student to teacher ratio and are thus completely ‘student centric’ which optimise your learning experience by adapting precisely to your learning pace.