We value serving the needs of students and parents more than the prices we charge

We guarantee that our prices are affordable, competitive and reflect the real value we provide to students and parents. At Pinnacle Education, we offer the following lesson types for our regular as well as Pinnaccel™ courses.

  • Individual – 1 student – 1 hour
  • Paired – 2 students – 1.5 hours
  • Group – 3 to 5 students – 2 hours

Each lesson is priced equally, whether individual, paired or group. If you choose to share your time with other students, of course you will enjoy a longer lesson time with our IB tutor.

Our IB accelerated lessons require an efficient learning pace and are designed to increase the productivity achieved in an hour. Thus these lessons are priced slightly higher than the regular lessons. If you intend to complete a whole year’s worth of content for a subject (or a significantly large portion of the course content) in a short period of time, we highly recommend this option because you can save up to 34%* on tuition fees with Pinnaccel™ courses.

All IA / EE / TOK consultation sessions will be offered on an individual basis and last for 1 hour each. Since these lessons require greater expertise and experience, only the most capable IB gurus will be assigned to help you with your particular topic. They will be able to quickly grasp the specific area of knowledge within your subject that you are exploring and provide you with the necessary facts that are beyond the scope of the IB curriculum. For these reasons, these lessons are also priced slightly higher than regular lessons.

Pinnaccel™ - IB Accelerated Program

Now IB students can complete an entire year’s coursework for 1 subject in just over 26* hours


Regular IBDP/MYP/IGCSE Courses

These are designed to meet the needs of students who want to study specific topics in any order at their desired pace.


IA/TOK/EE Consultation

We thoroughly guide our students from topic selection to final draft submission